Dog Adoption Application

Applications are processed on a first come/ best-fit basis and generally take 48-72 business hours to approve. Incomplete applications will not be processed, so please make sure to fill out the entire form.

Upon approval, a STAR staff member will contact you to set up a time for you to get to know the dog of your choice. If you currently have any dogs in your home, you will need to bring the animal(s) to the meet. Dog meets ONLY take place after an application has been processed and approved. Final adoption approval is at the discretion of staff.

Dogs need to decompress when coming into a new environment. They often need time to get the hang of their new routine and get comfortable with their new family. Because of these reasons, our adoptions begin with a two-week trial period. We created this policy to help ensure that each dog we place would find what will truly be their forever home. We also want you to be happy with your new family member. The two-week trial period will allow you to make sure that you’re prepared to be a pet parent and that you’ve found the dog that’s right for you. During the two-week trial, if (for whatever reason) you feel that your home is not the right fit, bring the dog back and we will refund the adoption fee. We will keep your application on file and work with you going forward to find the right dog for you.

Adoption & Application Fees

Our adoption fee for dogs ranges from $295-$500. Adoption fees help us cover the cost of housing the animals, their spay/neuter, vaccinations, and microchips.

Applications for current STAR animals - $0 

Pre-Approval applications  - $15  

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